Super Nanny to the Rescue...

It is no secret that I am a huge "Super Nanny" fan. I love to watch the episodes and get new and creative ideas for my kids to do. I also love to watch other children being naughty, so that I don't feel like a complete failure as a mother. I actually saw this episode last year and have been waiting for nice weather to try it out! All you do is tape a long strip of paper or poster to your fence and let the kids go wild. We used paint, but I think we will do finger paint next time! The kids absolutely loved it, and it entertained them for hours. I would have posted there beautiful master pieces, but they decided to wash it off with the water from the pool after they were finished, YIKES!!! Sorry for the lack of cloths on my son, but it was a messy project! For more fun mommy tips, visit my sister Rebecca's Blog here. She is a fantastic mommy and comes up with all sorts of fun ideas for your kids to do.

I also wanted to share a new photography site. Another one of my talented sisters, Bonnie, just started a photography business and she is amazingly good at it! I recommend her to anyone! Here is her site! She will be adding many more pictures to this new blog and I can't wait. She lives in Cedar City, Utah, but is hopefully moving back to Idaho soon! Here is one of her many beautiful pictures. This is one of my favorites of her kid's cute toes!


OuR BuSy WeEkend..

We had such a fun and busy weekend! Aside from having a garage sale, we were able to meet our cute new nephew and adorable new niece. They were each a month early and had to spend time in the NICU. Adalynn, is still in the NICU but is doing so well and we hope to see her go home soon! We were also able to visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa. Gabe pretty much became Grandpa's side kick and loved to hear all of his stories! Chandler is so in love with Grandma and also listened to stories while playing with a cute doll Grandma was knitting clothes for.

We were also able to go to the river and feed the ducks! We packed up dinner and had a picnic! The weather was absolutely perfect, no wind at all!

We have had Brooklyn all week and just love it when she comes to visit! She is our niece but is practically one of our own. We have her every month and the kids love it when she comes to stay. Her parents are separated and I think its a little hard on her. Her mom lives in Utah and dad in Saint Anthony. She usually spends the majority of her visitation time with us and we love her to pieces. We are especially excited this time because we were able to potty train her since we had her for such a long time. She is three and doesn't talk much, but has the biggest personalty. She calls us mommy and daddy, which I am trying to break, but can't considering that's what the other two call me. We love you Brooky!

The kids didn't want to leave, but we had to get up bright and early for 9:00 a.m.
church the next morning.

Here is the exact conversation Gabe had with great grandpa.

Gabe: "Gampa why do you have white hair and I jest only have black?"

Grandpa: "Because I'm old. Some day you will be old and you will have white hair too."

Gabe: (Yelling)"I will not have white hair!!!! I will jest only have black hair!!!"

Luckily my grandpa thought it was so cute. I thought it was rude myself!

Grandma told Chandler about dressing her cats up in dresses and pushing them around in her baby buggy. Chandler is so in love with grandma and wanted to hear story after story.



I have so many things to catch up on, so you might be a bit annoyed by the plethora of posts lately! We went to the Free Kids Movie this week. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was playing and Gabe was elated! Chandler was interested for about the first half hour and then played in her seat for the remainder of the movie! They thought that it was really cool that we went to Edwards Cinema. They called it the BIG THEATER! We usually go to paramount, but not when the movie is FREE! Just in case you missed my post, here is the link for the listings in your area. Next week they are playing "Mr. Beans Holiday" on Tuesday, and "Nancy Drew" on Wednesday. Chandler is pretty excited about Nancy Drew and I must admit, so am I.

Doesn't night vision give it the whole movie theater effect?

We usually don't let them drink pop, so they took full advantage!


Please Can I Have A Chicken?

These are the exact words that come out of my sons mouth every time we leave Grandpa and Grandma's house. Gabe has always been such an animal lover! I love that he has such a tender side for animals. I do not however share his enthusiasm for animals. Don't get me wrong , I love animals, just as long as some one else owns them! Gabe is constantly acting like a different animal. He begs to keep worms as pets and tries to bathe with them!(gross I know!!) If my parents catch a mouse in a trap, he will cry to let it out and ask to keep it as a pet. He is absolutely in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, with the Chickens at my parents house. He catches them and rubs his face against there's. He really is so soft with them and they let him hold them for hours. ( I think they are in shock.) I am a little sicked out by the whole nuzzling up against them, but he loves them so much. We can't keep him out of the chicken coop. My dad doesn't so much love it, but Gabe is in heaven. You should see him act like a chicken. He has studied them down to a "T". My mom will pet his head, and he will Bock like a chicken and cock his head back and fourth while holding his hands up like talons. It is seriously uncanny how much he resembles a chicken! One of my personal favorites is when we take Gabe to the store and let him pick out a treat, he always goes for those disgusting, blue gummy sharks. He holds them and pets there backs. He says that they are his pets and he carries them with him where ever we go. As soon as I see hair and dirt attached, I know it is time to say good bye to the shark pets! I guess having candy as a pet is much better than actually eating it, right? Here are a few cute pictures we took of him in my parents back yard!

I just caught him carrying a full conversation with his feathery friend!

Like I said before, I think the Chicken is in shock!!

No matter how many times we bathe him, we can't quite get that
DIRTY smell to go away! My sweet and dirty little boy, what would I do without him?


Sewing 101...

We decided that Once a week, myself, and the sisters that live here wanted to start taking sewing lessons from my mom! She is an excellent seamstress and makes some of the cutest things I have ever seen. She makes dresses for her granddaughters for all of the major holidays and a googleplex of blankets whenever there is a new baby. She is also fixing little holes and rips in clothing and anything else that needs hemmed! I have only ever sewn pillows and blankets, but want to start sewing clothing for my kids! Here are some pictures of our projects. All three of us are pregnant so I think we will all be sewing baby things for the most part!

Sharla and Katie made John Deer Blankets with matching
burp cloth's that turned out so cute!

I made an animal print Boppy with matching burp cloth's.
I have never used a boppy, but I can't wait to try! I hope this helps with
back pain while you are breast feeding!
( sorry if that was too graphic for some of you!)

Isn't our mom the BEST?!!!
I love you mom and I can't wait for our next sewing excursion!!


This one is for you Sarah Anderson.....

It's Finally done!!! Sorry it took me a little longer than expected.
I have had a busy week! I hope that you like it! I will be sending it tomorrow morning with my brother Everett. He is staying with Alison for a while , so you can pick it up there!

Happy Birthday Chandler!

I can't believe my baby girl turned FIVE!!! I have been dreading her birthday. I think that when they turn five they are officially not toddlers anymore! She shared my exact thoughts, and loved that she was so grown up now! This was our exact conversation the night before her birthday. (Me) Sissy, I don't want you to turn five. I want you to be my baby girl forever! (Chandler) Mom, Face it... I'm not your baby girl anymore. (Me) Puffing out my lips and making a sad face. (Chandler) Mom, but are's new baby can be your baby girl now! She really is growing up so fast, It's SCARY!! Here are a few pictures of her birthday.

Annie is one Chandlers favorite movies, so we decided to do a
"Let's Go To The Movies" Theme, and go to Nim's Island. Here are the invitations!

The Invitations were each taped to a bag of
PoP SECRET Popcorn! ( healthy I know!)

We let her choose FIVE friends that she wanted to come, and she
hand delivered the invites herself!

After the Movie, we went home to open presents
and hand out goody bags! I wanted them to take some of the fun at the
movies home with them so the bags included; another bag of Pop Secret, a kids size
Root beer, and a box of skittles with a tag that said Thanks A Bunch!( I hope your children enjoyed the SUGAR HIGH!!) They all loved the movie and giggled the whole way home!

We also had a little family get together that evening. We had banana splits and let Chandler open even more presents! SPOILED ROTTEN, is all I have to say! She kept asking everyone for her gift as they arrived. I swear, I don't know who raised that child some times! Thank you everyone that came and that made Chandler have such a special day!


I also wanted to wish my friend Cristy a Happy Birthday! She and Chandler share the same birthday so it makes it easy to remember! She was one of the first to befriend me when I moved into the ward and I am so grateful to have her as a friend!
I hope you had such a good day Cristy, Love ya!

This was my " quick Fix " idea for her present. I got her all of her favorite treats!! ( she is PREGO, like myself, so I knew she would appreciate it) I also put a cute, framed, Tennis picture of the reigning champions with the snacks! This was the "Quick Fix". I couldn't find a solid enough bag to hold everything, so I made one up out of my old laundry bucket! You can judge me for using Sun if you want, but I do use some rather divine dryer sheets that counteract the cheapness of Sun laundry detergent! Sorry for going off! I don't know why I haven't thought of this before, I loved the outcome! I am going to use this idea more often!


More Info.....

First off I wanted to let those of you who don't already know that the Bloggers luncheon has been rescheduled for next week, due to HORRIBLE weather!! Here is the new INVITE. Hopefully next week promises better weather, I'm sick of the cold!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT SNOWED TODAY? CRAZY!!

I also wanted to leave a link to This Piggies & Ponies Blog. My friend Stacey is a hair genius and asked if I would contribute to her cute blog! Feel free to add it to your list of favorites!! She always inspires me to try new ideas with my daughters hair!

We had another recipe group get together, and it proved to be another success!! All of the recipes were so yummy. You can get them on our Recipe Group Blog, The Cookin' Mama's! Hopefully it inspires you to GET YOUR BAKE ON!!!

I have also heard about Blog Lines and couldn't really figure it out. But thanks to my sister Bonnie, who found out through my sister Rebecca, There is a new way to know who has most recently updated! Check out my side bar! All you do is click on your customize button, then go to Add Page element, and in the top left corner there is a button that says Blog List (NEW). You just cut and paste the URL to each blog that you already have, and You're Set!!! Now you don't have to check everyones Blog a GAZILLION times before they finally update!


MeDiCiNe LoDgE...

Last weekend we were AT IT AGAIN. We went CAMPING with our friends to a place called MEDICINE LODGE. It was so BEAUTIFUL!! I can't BELIEVE I had never been there before! My DAD is such a camping FREAK that I thought I had pretty much seen all of IDAHO!! We packed up the WINNEBAGO and left all of the WORRIES of the WORLD behind! The KIDS live for CAMPING and getting DIRTY!!!! THANK YOU for such a good time STIBAL'S, we had such a BLAST!!!!! Here are just a few PICTURES of all of the FUN we had!!!

I also wanted to add this INVITE !!!! All you local BLOGGERS come and ENJOY all of the FUN at the PARK!!!! What a GREAT idea for us all to finally MEET!!

My FRIEND Janeal found the SCHEDULE on line to the FREE KIDS MOVIES at Edwards that I posted about EARLIER!! Click HERE and you'll get the INFO!!!

Also I wanted to add yet another FREEBIE that my friend Cristy was kind enough to share!!!!! At BONNEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Monday-Thursday, They do a FREE kids Lunch. It is from 11:30-12:30 its FREE for kids and only $2.75 for adults!!! I don't know about you, but I am taking FULL ADVANTAGE!!!