Carving Pumpkins....

The kids have been begging to carve pumpkins, so we decided to make an FHE out of it.
Chris saw an episode of EXTREME Pumpkin Carving (Yes it is an actual TV show!), and  he was so excited to try out the jigsaw on the pumpkins this year! I had my doubts, but It worked famously and will forever be a tradition in our household. After we cut open and cleaned the pumpkins, we all made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies  for our treat. While the cookies were baking, we had a lesson on Planting Seeds of Faith. Then, we carved our pumpkins. I love Monday nights, teaching my children important principles, and spending time together as a family. I feel so blessed with a wonderful husband and three bright and beautiful kiddo's!


I give this recipe 5 stars. They are even better the next few days! * I used Chocolate chip Chunks instead of small chocolate chips. 

Finley chose a Cat in a witch boot.

Chandler chose the owl in a tree. ♥ her owl impersonation!

Gabe chose The wolf & was howling all night. 
 Finally his costume fetish seems normal around this time of year!

I chose the spider in a web. I was nice and let Chand have the owl.

And Chris chose three skulls. His was my favorite!

Here are our creations!

Happy Home Evening!