My Weekend Retreat..

I know what you are thinking, that I went somewhere that the sun was shining and that I got to soak up all of warmth that we have all been needing for so long, and you are right. I have soaked up so much warmth, but in the comfort of my own home. I had the opportunity, like many of you, to listen to our beloved Prophet and his counselors in General Conference.

I feel rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted.

I have been Juggling around all of the feelings and responsibilities that come with parenthood. Do I teach by example? Have I done all I can? Can I be doing more? What should I be doing better? How should I have handled that? Have I taught them enough? All of these guilty questions and feelings that come with being a parent, (and especially with being a mother) are exhausting. You know how you get manuals with everything you buy? Why did we get skipped as mothers? It's like we got handed this Heavy book of guilt, that sometimes consumes our thoughts, weighs us down, and makes us feel like we could be doing more. This Conference weekend has lifted the load, lightened the guilty feelings, and made me feel hopeful.

We have felt the Spirit in our home, and the love that our Prophet has for us. Each talk was so necessary for our return back to our eternal home, and I am so thankful for the counsel and guidance that we received.

I wanted to share a few thoughts and some of my favorite talks from this Conference. I hope that no one takes offence to my personal thoughts, and the feelings that I share.

I loved Robert D. Hales talk on Provident living. I feel like in these times of economical adversity we should be drawing closer to the lord, and follow his commandments. I think that why I loved his talk so much, was because I am guilty of so many things that he spoke about, and it gave me so much strength to do better. My main fault is, "being content with what you have". I have been guilty of this time and time again. I am so grateful for the things that we have, but I am constantly wanting more, or wasting money on unnecessary things. I always want to change something in the house, or buy something that is a want instead of a need. I need to take this lesson to heart and be content with all of the beautiful things that we have. I feel like we have been so blessed to live in such a safe community and in such a beautiful home. We have clean water, a car that runs (most of the time), a job that provides for us, our children are happy and healthy, they are getting proper education, and so many other things that are necessary for living. The things that I am most grateful for is our health, our growing testimonies of our Father in Heaven and of our Savior, Jesus Christ, being surrounded by our loving family, and being sealed to my husband and children. There is not a more comforting feeling than to know that we will be together forever. I know that there is always going to be things that I want, but do I need them? and are they important? I hope that I think to ask myself these questions the next time I complain about not having something that is so unnecessary to my salvation.

Another talk that I felt I needed improvement, and that was so wonderful, was given by Margeret S. Lifferth. It was on Reverence. The part that I felt I needed improvement, was teaching my children in reverence. There are many incidents when my children are throwing fits, screaming that they don't want me as a mommy anymore, or fighting with one another, that seem the farthest away from being reverent. I know that I am guilty of sometimes blowing off the handle, or acting too quickly. I need to practice teaching out of reverence. I know that applying this tool to my parenting will prove to be successful, and help the kids to act reverently in return. I love that she quoted part of a primary song, " Reverence is more than just quietly sitting, it's thinking of Father above", and I know that if the spirit dwells in our home, it will be easier to teach out of reverence.

Although I enjoyed each session, and all of the talks given, I felt the spirit so strong when Jeffery R. Holland spoke of the Saviors Sacrifice and Crucifixion. I'm am sure that there wasn't a dry eye when he spoke of the love that Jesus has, and the things he went through for each of us. Hearing his words were so uplifting and encouraging. I have been taught all that our Savior went through for us, but as I listened to this talk, I realized so much more. It strengthened my testimony, and my knowledge of the gospel. I know that his testimony will stay with me, and help me with the decisions I make here on earth.

I think that the Song that they sang at the end of Conference, "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet", sums up my feelings of this Conference. I am so thankful for a prophet, that leads us, guides us, and loves us.

I hope that you all had a chance to listen to the messages that were given, and If you didn't I encourage you to do so.

Have a Beautiful Day!