Here's The Link.....

Here is the link to our fun Recipe Group, CoOkIn' MaMa's. Feel free to leave us a comment! There will also be a link under my Finding Inspiration Tag, so watch for new, Yummy recipes each month! Hope you enjoy!


CoOkIn MaMa'S.....

Last night I had so much fun with my BLOGGING SISTa'S! We decided to start a recipe group and meet each month. We gave each girl an assignment like, drink. desert, main dish, salad etc. We each made our recipe and shared it at our get together! let me be the first to tell you that it was DIVINITY!!!! All of the recipes were so YUMMY!!!! We are going to start a recipe blog so that you can check out all of the delicious recipes and make them for your families. Thanks Janeal for hosting our first ever recipe BONANZA, it was such a blast!!!

Me, Nichelle, Natalie, Holly, Janeal, SueAnne, AmberLee, and Katie left early!

I also wanted to add a pass along card that my cute friend, and host to our recipe group put together. They are hoping to expand there cute little family and add another little blessing to there lives. The chances of them receiving this blessing increases if we get the word out. Feel free to copy this pass along card and post it on your blog. If you know of anyone that is placing there baby up for adoption you can visit her blog and get more info on her and her fun family!


Together at Last.......

We were all together for the first time in FOREVER!!!! There is never a dull moment when the Coon Clan get together! The kids especially love seeing all of there cousins. My parents will have sixteen Grandchildren, all under the age of six by the end of the year! We had way too many late nights and laughed until we couldn't breath! We did so many fun things. We went to The Great Wall ( so yummy, thanks dad!!), Blast Off ( we let the kids go rock climbing), Fed the Ducks, The D.I., Reeds Dairy, Played at the Park, Went to the Fish Hatchery, Chiz's in St. Anthony ( If you haven't been you need to!), Played games, went motorbiking, Stayed up way to late, watched the kids get into some pretty hilarious and not so hilarious fights, went to Garcia's, Watched Wonderful Conference, went to the Temple, did crafts, rented movies and I'm sure much more that I can't remember! I love being with my family and can't wait for all of my sisters to move back home! I miss you all so much already! Here is a slide show of all of the fun we had!


GeTtInG ReAdY FoR CoNfEreNcE...

I always get so excited for Conference. I love hearing from our Prophet and gaining strength from the messages that are taught. I always want to try harder and do so much better in my life after Conference weekend! I wish I always had that feeling with me but as soon as my day to day, hectic life kicks in I sometimes loose the spirit that I feel during this special time. I can't wait to listen to our new prophet Thomas S. Monson and feel of his sweet spirit.

Last Sunday we talked to the kids about Conference. We told them that it was such a special time because we get to listen to our Prophet! We told them that this Conference was extra special because we were going to sustain our new Prophet. We asked them if they could try extra hard to do what is right so that we can feel the spirit in our home and be prepared for the special spirit we feel during Conference. I really think having this talk helped them. Gabriel had his best week ever in church(his teacher even told me that he was the best in class that day, which is HUGE!). I have noticed a big change in the way they have been treating each other. I still have to remind them to be kind from time to time but I truly believe it has helped! I have found some really cool packets and activities for the kids to do during Conference. Just click on the link highlighted and scroll down to General Conference Folder, Then click on print out this document. There are some really fun things for children of all ages. On that same link you can also click on 2008 general conference packet and there is more. I also received an e-mail from a friend with the biggest and best packet that has been updated and is jam-packed with fun for the kids. She didn't know the link and I tried to google it but had no luck, so if you would like it leave your e-mail and I will pass it on! I hope you all have a great weekend and are as excited as I am!


FiNaLly...GeTtInG ThInGs AcCoMpLiShEd!

I don't know if it's the pregnancy or if it's the fact that Spring is just around the corner but I have been on a dejunking, anti clutter FRENZY! I have been so easily disgusted at the littlest things. My husband laughs at me when I say how gross I feel in our home. He says that I am the biggest paranoid, clean freak he knows! I'll try to take that as a compliment but I'm pretty sure it wasn't one. I haven't posted for awhile because of this Frenzy, but I have accomplished much! Yesterday I cleaned out every drawer in my kitchen and it felt so good to get rid of the unwanted clutter! Here are a few unfinished, much needed projects that I have been able to tackle.

I was really excited to get this one done! It is a Recipe Box... All of the recipes are in a index card format (Thanks to my sister Rebecca and her Convenient, 3x5 formatted recipes!). It makes them easy to access and takes up less room in the kitchen. My other sister Ali made the cute, small magnetic stand, so I can just transfer each recipe over when I need. I was also excited to to get this project done because a whole bunch of my blogging friends are putting together a recipe group! We are going to have a girls night once a month, cook each other a new or favorite recipe and swap them. I am ecstatic to add more YUMMY recipes to my box! If you are at all interested in joining us let me know and I'll fill you in on the when and where!

I put cute scrap booking card stock on the back of each recipe and I plan to laminate each one for a longer lasting recipe!

Now, I know that my pregnancy is to blame for my next accomplished mission. I have the worst memory when I am pregnant and forget dates, birthdays and every thing else that might be important for me to attend. For those of you that know me, know that I have a hard time with clutter. I can't stand things hanging up on my fridge and I especially hate tacky Calendars! Every time I hang one up, I cringe when I walk past it and it ends up in the garbage! I finally made one that works for me. It takes up half the space and I get to decorate it to MY taste! I started it in February and decorate the next month as soon as one is over. I fill in all of my own dates and appointments making them easier to remember. So far it has proven to be a Success and I haven't dry heaved while walking past it, so I guess it's a keeper!

My next one wasn't really a project for me, but I found this cute website ( I would post the link but I can't remember it! Go Figure!!!!) It had so many fun, spring craft ideas. I felt they were perfect for the ladies I visit teach. I hope they thought they were as cute as I did! I'll post the link as soon as I can find it again!

That's all of the pictures I took, but I'm sure that there will be plenty more to come with the mood I have been in lately! I hope I inspire you all to dejunk and get rid of the extra, unwanted clutter in your lives. I promise it will make you feel better and make your home a more enjoyable place to be!