SistA's Trip!!!

At the beginning of March, my sisters and I decided to surprise Bonnie with a little visit. Off to Cedar City, Utah we went. The drive up was slightly cramped, but extremely fun. Rebecca,(The ELDEST!!! hahaha..)her baby Mollie, Myself and Finley, Sharla and her baby Dylan, and Katie with Tebbin all squished together in Katie's Tahoe. The kids were surprisingly excellent the entire drive. Alison couldn't make it because it was her final days of school, but we missed her, and it wasn't the same without her.

This is Bonnie when she was only five months. I didn't get any new pictures of her, but let me assure you that she doesn't look a day bigger than this picture. I don't know anyone that is on there fourth baby, that look as freakishly good as she did.

Of coarse in true Bonnie Fashion, we each had a huge basket full of skin products waiting on our beds. I have already used mine Bon, and I LURV IT!!!! You really are " The Hostest with the Mostest!!

Sharla supplied each of us with these creepy face masks. We couldn't stop laughing at how we all looked. I didn't really get many more pictures, but the rest of our weekend was full of D.I. adventures, FOOD, laughing, a baby shower for Bon, shopping in St. George, laughing, and More Food. I feel so lucky to be so close to my family, and especially my sisters. We are all so different, but still have the best time when we are together. I love you girls and can't wait for the Recoonion, when we are all together again.

Here are some picture's that Bonnie took of the babies, that are way too cute! If you want to see more of the cutest babies ever, go to her photography site here.

Mollie Dollie, Rebecca's sweet little girl.

Huckleberry Finley in all of her cuteness!

Quite possibly the happiest baby alive, Sharla's little Dylan.

Quite possibly the chubbiest baby alive, Katie's Tub Teb's.

I love you and miss you so much Bonnie. I can't wait to see baby Lucas and welcome him into our crazy brood.