A Chocolate Monstrosity...

The weather had been super nice, so we all decided to go out and get some {much needed} yard work accomplished. After only a few minutes, Fin said she needed to go potty. I let her in the house, and got right back to work. About 15 minutes went by and I realized she still hadn't come back out, {which is never a good sign} so I hurried in to check on her.

These pictures do not even do this justice!
  It took me quite awhile to come to the realization that it is useless to cry over spilled milk (or in this case, mass amounts of water, chocolate syrup, graham crackers, and muddy boot prints), so I had already cleaned up the bulk of the mess by the time I got the camera out.

{Oh, and did i mention before we went out, the inside of the house was SPOTLESS?! I mean SPOTLESS!}

I walked into chocolate syrup covering her, the entire MOPPED kitchen floor, the table, and randomly scattered graham crackers. Then, I guess she sensed she might get into trouble, so she ran the faucet over the kitchen floor, trying to clean up the chocolate mess. I wish I had a picture of not only my face, but of the chocolate lake that had flooded my kitchen! AAAAK!
Oh, we are still not finished with this delightful story.
She then continued to "TRY" and disguise her naughtiness, by using a pile of freshly washed and folded towels to hide the messy evidence! EVERY LAST CLEAN TOWEL was now covered in syrup!

I'll admit, I snapped! In fact,  I'm pretty sure the words, "what the heck were you thinking?" came out of my mouth.  But when her face welled up with tears, and she grabbed the chocolate syrup and hid under the table, I instantly felt bad for yelling. The feeling that it would be funny later flooded my mind. I was so furious at that moment, I don't know how that thought even got there!? 

I know now that my Father in Heaven stepped in, and gave me the patience I needed to teach her, and not break her little spirit. I apologized for yelling, and started to clean up all of the water.

That is when I decided to grab my camera, and document this eventful afternoon.

Little chocolate monster, hiding under the table. Did I mention she was butt naked!? We later discovered her chocolate covered clothes behind the entertainment center.

 Finally she came out, let me take her picture, (looking very confused at why I would be doing such a thing) and helped me cleanup!

Mommy lesson for the day, "Don't cry over spilled milk". 
I have been given many other opportunities to practice this lesson, with this particular child.
The very same week, she emptied out her pockets that were filled with dried leaves and jumped with them in our bed, decided to give several toilet paper rolls a bath in the sink, and found small craft scissors that she used to cut up her leggings. JOY!

Isn't being a mom the best job in the world!?

It truly is, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!



I am so in love with Valentines Day.
I am a holiday NUT, and love everything from planning the menu, to decking out my kids in the color that coordinates with each day.
We had so much fun making Valentines, and this was the first year the kids picked out what they wanted to handout in their class.

Here is what they chose....

Hope U have a ROOT N' TOOT N' V-day! { Rootbeer Soda}

You're SUPER { Super Hero Sucker}

Oops..* I meant Competition!

I "CHEWS" U!{gumball machine}

Woke up to cute little kisses from my babies, and waffles from my hubby.

The kids celebrated the day with candy and class parties, and the afternoon at the,
It was the only opening they had for all three, so don't judge.

They went to a new dentist, Just 4 Kids, and loved it! It is all decked out like a movie theatre, and they got to watch a movie and pick a prize at the end of their teeth cleaning. They even asked when they get to go back? So I guess I am off the hook.!

Chris and I celebrated by going out to dinner, and watching "The Vow".  Loved it! It was the perfect ending to our night.

I just love my little family so much and feel so blessed every day to have them in my life.
 I am seriously the luckiest girl in the world!