The First Snow...

Don't you ever wish you could jump in a time machine and travel back to your childhood?
 The first snow brings back those fun childhood memories of  building forts, having snowball fights, drinking way too much hot chocolate, daring each other to lick something that will most likely end badly, building snowmen, saying a prayer that the snow machine will start, sledding on Iona Hill, making snow angels, the smell of a wood burning stove, doubling, and sometimes tripling up your socks to stay warm, staying out until you can no longer feel your hands or toes, and the list goes on and on. Although my enthusiasm for the snow no longer exists, there is something so magical about the very, first, snow fall. I love the beautiful blank canvas it creates,  the way the sun and snow sparkle when they meet, & the huge snow flakes that land perfectly on my tongue. It's these small things that seem to make the cold disappear, and make it all worth it. 
I am so thankful for my children, and for the excitement the first snow fall brings to their sweet little spirits.
I guess the neighborhood kids were equally excited about the drastic change in the forecast, and to share in their excitement, I put my trusty mug collection to good use and served them each hot cocoa in the snow.

Uh....I dunno, but I think I pretty much deserve the "Snow Princess/ Coolest Mom EVER" award. Don't you? Teehee!

Back left: Conner, Saige, Chandler, Allysa, Cyrus, Cambell.
Front Left: Gabe, Weston, Bailey, Emery, Wyatt, Piper, Catcher.

Cheers to a delicious Winter!