Like The New Look?

I owe it to my cute new blogging friend, Janeal. Thanks Janeal I love, love, love the new look and I hope you know you are going to be a busy girl with how much I like to change things! You should all check out her cute blog with all of her fun and creative site links! Thanks a million Janeal, you're the best!


TeA TiMe......(Or HoT ChOcOIaTe..)

Chandler has been in major need of Daddy time! With us starting our own business and Chris working construction, the kids miss there daddy so much! Chandler has been begging her dad for, "A Ton Of Days" to have a tea party with her. He has been so busy that he hasn't been able to until last night. It was so cute and sweet of him to make special time for his special girl. As soon as he sees this post I'm sure it will be deleted but I couldn't resist showing everybody. He even let her dress him up and do his make up. She is a huge fan of Tea parties and "Crumplet's" ( that is how she says crumpets, and Chris is so cute to play along). They made baby chick Easter cookies and Hot chocolate. Chandler couldn't stop giggling at her Daddy's funny "ENGLISH" accent and his cute girlie attire.

Cheers to the best Daddy Ever!!!


The Brag Tag....Or so I like to call It....

Chandler and Gabe were Tagged by there friend Brooklyn Davis. This happens to be my favorite tag ever because I love bragging about my cute kids! The Tag is supposed to tell you eight things that you may or may not know about each child, here it goes.

1. Chandler's middle name is Jo. She was named after my sister Bonnie Jo, who was named after my mother Patsy J o, who was named after my grandpa Joseph. I felt bad giving her basically two boy names, but I fell in love with Chandler Jo and loved the fact that I had never heard it for a girl before.

2. Chandler is and always has been our big helper. She was so eager to help when her brother was born. Although she was only one she wanted to be right there whenever I changed a diaper or fed the baby. She would remind me to burp the baby and to wrap him up tight when we went outside. She is always offering to help with the dishes and with other chores around the house (Even though I secretly get annoyed with how long it takes when she helps, I still let her).

3. Chandler is so much fun and energetic. My sisters favorite thing is to stand her on the coffee table and have her sing all of her made up songs. She loves to put on shows for all to see and loves to be the center of attention. I wish I had all of her energy and her self assurance.

4. Chandler is so sensitive to others feelings. I don't think there is a Disney movie that she hasn't cried in. One of my favorites is when we were watching "Homeward Bound" the part where the animals found the little missing girl, crying. Chandler started to cry and asked, "where are hers mommy and daddy?" I must admit that it even brought a tear to my eye that she could be so thoughtful.

5. She is as girlie as they come. She changes her outfits several times a day (which also annoys me, but I can't say anything because I was the same way when I was little). She is all about accessories!!!

6. Chandler is a mommy's girl all the way!!! I love it because in her eyes I can do no wrong. There are days when I feel like a failure as a mother and she will come give me a big hug and tell me she loves me. It always makes me feel better and slightly guilty when I've had no patience with her.

7. When Chandler laughs, it is hard for everyone else not to join in on it. She has this hilarious cackle that is so loud and real and heartfelt. Whenever I hear it I chuckle inside and it always puts a smile on my face.

8. Chandler is a people person and loves to be around family and friends. I don't think there is a day that goes by that she doesn't ask to go and see one of her friends or a family member. I have to remind her that once in awhile it is nice to spend the day with just our family( she doesn't share my opinion).

1. Gabriel's middle name is John. He was named after his dad, Christopher John, who was named after his dad Charles John the second, who was named after his dad, Charles John. I love using names in the family and have always liked the name Gabe.

2. Gabe is always happy. He can be so sick, and he still has a huge smile on his face. His happiness is is so contagious!! I think he gets away with too much because of how darn cute he is. When he is in trouble for something he flashes us his big smile and all is forgotten! It's a rotten trait when you are disciplining.

3. He would do anything in the world for his "sissy". The poor guy is out numbered during the day and gets bossed all the time. If someone even remotely looks at his sister the wrong way, BEWARE !!!!! He looks up to his sister so much and wants to do everything she does.

4. Gabe is always playing a character other than himself. His favorite is T-REX (which also happens to be my favorite, except for the whole biting thing). He also loves to pretend he is Spider Man, Ninja Turtles, Super Man and a Puppy!

5. Although he is rough and tumble, he can be the sweetest thing. My favorite time with him is in the morning when I get my cuddles! I want to hold him forever because I know it is going to be short lived.

6. Gabe used to be a Mommy's boy until recently. earlier this year I took a week long, much needed mommy trip with one of my girl friends. When I returned I was sad to find out that Gabe was no longer a mommy's boy. I think it was the combination of being spoiled by daddy and abandoned by mommy that made him switch from a mommy to a daddy's boy. I hope that one day he will switch back from his betrayal, but so far no such luck. I guess I can't be every ones favorite.

7. "THAT'S MY GIRL", this is my favorite phrase that Gabe uses. Whenever I do something that he likes or wants he uses this phrase. I laugh every time as if he were saying it for the first! I don't know where he learned it but I think it some how gives me hope that I will be his girl again!!

8. Gabe is 100% ALL BOY!!!! He loves to get dirty and can go for days without taking a bath. He loves to play rough and hard and loves everything outdoors. He loves to go Camping, fishing, motorbike riding with daddy, hiking, riding bikes with his sissy, swimming and anything else you can possibly do outside. He is a boy of my own heart.( I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!!)

I am so grateful for the two greatest children ever. They teach me to be a better person each day and love me regardless of my many mistakes as a mother. I love you Chandler and Gabe. They would like to Tag all of there cousins!

Helping A Perfect Stranger...

My friend Holly posted this on her blog and I had to add it to mine. I was so touched to hear that this was being done for someone who truly needs to feel the love and support of others. Not to sound like I am in a pageant or something, but I feel that if we could each reach out to someone in need, whether we know them or not, this world would truly be a better place. Please read this link and I hope that you all feel as impressed as I did to send her a card or an uplifting quote to let her know that we care. Click on this link, Helping a Perfect Stranger.

Here are just a few quotes on service that I absolutely love!

Sally Koch
“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.”


“The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose.”

Anthony Robbins
“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment.”

Jeff Warner
We are not put on this earth for ourselves, but are placed here for each other. If you are there always for others, then in time of need, someone will be there for you.


SuGaR aNd SpIcE .......

It's a GIRL and we couldn't be more excited!! We all went to the ultrasound which made it extra special. Chandler asked me if the doctor was going to take the baby out today so that we could see if it was a boy or a girl. After we explained that wasn't how it was done she kept asking the doctor over and over, "Is it a boy or a girl?" They loved watching the baby move like crazy and hearing her sweet little heart beat. Gabe kept pointing out little features like the nose and hands and for the most part he was right. As soon as the doctor said "It's a Girl", Gabe said, "OHHHH MAN!!!" He was slightly disappointed but quickly forgot when we bought him a Jamba Juice. Chandler is beyond excited and Chris and I couldn't agree more. Although Gabe was upset, I secretly wanted a girl so that he could still be my baby boy! I can't wait to start buying baby girl things!!!!