A late Easter Post..

Sorry this is such a late post. I hope that everyone that left a comment, received an invite to our private blog.

Excuse the fact that I have no Easter pictures from our actual Easter. My camera got stolen. ANNOYING right? We purchased a cheap one that will get us by in the mean time, but all of the Easter pics I had taken were on the old one, as well as about 1000 other pictures on memory cards. I am still peeved about the whole thing, but what are you going to do? Luckily I took a few pictures of them a few days before Easter in the outfits we bought for them, and saved them on my computer. My mother also sewed them cute Easter outfits, and I'll have to take new pictures of them to post.

When they are older, they won't even know that it wasn't Easter!

Our Easter, like every holiday, was very busy. We went to two of our three families and celebrated with the usual Easter dinners, and egg hunts. The kids loved the Easter egg hunts, and made out with a pretty handsome loot if you ask me. We have never really celebrated Easter with candy, but we do fill a container of some sort, that can be reused, with a few surprises. ( This year we used Recycled bags from Target!) I figured they will be able to reuse them for book totes at the library. We filled them with an Easter book, a recycled water bottle, some teddy grahams for church, a recycled tablet, and some gardening tools. We really try to make it a day of remembering Christ being Resurrected, and not all about candy. Although, I'm sure if you asked there favorite part, they would most definitely tell you the Easter egg hunts!

We started a new tradition this year. We each had a different colored balloon, and we wrote down why we are thankful for the Saviors Resurrection, and other things we were thankful for on a piece of paper. Then we rolled it up, tied it to the balloon, and let it go. I wish so badly that I had the pictures for this. They turned out so adorable, and the kids had a lot of fun doing it. I just wanted to do something that wasn't about receiving, and I loved this idea. We will do it in years to come. The kids really started to understand that because of his Resurrection, we are able to be resurrected and live with our families for eternity.

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I have so many posts to catch up on, so be ready for a few marathon posts.