Our week with the Stibals...

Our good friends Cristy and Dustin Stibal entrusted us with 3 of their 4 kids last week while they were in Saint George. My kids could hardly wait for their kids to stay for the week, and they had so much fun while they were here. They are such good kids, and we loved having them stay!

I hope that you guys don't mind If I put this picture up of the two of you? Do you see the bird on Dustin's hand, too funny.

I had the whole week planned out with fun activities to keep them busy.

They played out in the snow for hours.

We went to "The Tale of Despereaux" one day, and had popcorn, treats, and pop, and to Blast Off another. I had as much fun as the kids at Blast Off. We played tag in the tubes, and my knees are still bruised, OUCH!!. It's not fair when they can just stand up and run through those things.

The boys and Kennedy played the TMNT Nintendo game. I can't believe I even got a picture of them. They were glued to the television. We also made the Ever so famous BOX FORT!! I think this is Tyken's favorite part of staying at our house. The last night I let Tyken and Gabe stay the night in it. Don't worry, I cut windows in the boxes for air.

Chris and the boys played WAR. I had to laugh at the boys using the boxes for shelter because Chris couldn't fit in them. It was Chris against Tyken and Gabe, and I think the little boys won. Chris was dripping sweat after two full hours of chasing them. The girls came down and wanted to join in, and Chris was a trooper and played for about a half hour more.

We all did arts and crafts. I don't have pictures of the boys crafts because they weren't finished. Tyken made a dinosaur dragon out of the egg carton and also painted a train that he found at the D.I.. Gabe made a dinosaur dragon as well. He wanted to do everything that Tyken did, and said that Tyken was his best friend and pretend brother.

I wish Chandler was as excited about getting her hair done as these two were. They let me do there hair each day, without complaining. I have the how to do's on our Piggies & Ponies hair blog.

Every night we read books and I would let them come up with a dream that we could all have. They all came up with the most imaginative things to dream about. I love hearing there ideas, and looked forward to what they came up with each night.
Do you Remember our secret club Tyken?? Gabe talks about it all the time. SSSSSHHHHHH, It's our little secret!

Kennedy, thank you for helping me with Finley and for cleaning up without me even asking . I loved all of our little chats about school & friends, and getting to know you better. You are such a sweet girl.

Tyken, thank you for always being so kind to Gabe. He loves you so much, and talks about the fun he had with you everyday. You are so polite, and always said thank you for everything we did, and you are a GREAT ARTIST!

Raigan, you are quite the little character. I love that you know exactly what you want, how you want your hair done, and what outfit you want to wear without question. You are such a little girl with a big personality and I love it! Thank you for being such a good friend to Chandler, and for putting up with us even though you were home sick.

Thank you for all of the fun memories. We loved having you stay and can't wait for the next time!


Happy Love Day..

Sending you A Very Green Valentine.

Happy Love Day

From: Chandler

From: Gabe

From: Finley

We Hope that your day is filled with Love and Happiness!


Weekend Fun, photo's, & cute idea's..

Last weekend, me, Chris, my sister, Rebecca, her husband, Allen, and my brother in law, Cameron, went snowboarding. I grew up skiing, but when we got married I decided to convert to boarding, because it seemed the cool thing to do. It has been over four years since I last went, and I had only been twice before that, so I had to basically learn everything over. Can I just say that I have never felt so sore in my entire life! The first run was a little rocky, but I managed to go down without falling much. Then came the second run. My dear husband and brother in law decided to take me down the far left run. You know the one that goes in between a ton of trees! You have about zero room to move, and unless you are an experienced boarder I suggest that you stay away from it. I fell apart!! I couldn't make it up half the hills, due to my speed, (or the lack thereof) and I had to keep stopping because apparently having three babies makes you SEVERELY OUT OF SHAPE!!!! I was yelling at Chris for taking me on such a hard run, and I just about started to cry. We finally made it to the bottom, and I was so frustrated. ( I think my brother in law has a different picture of me now, sorry Cam.) I made Chris and Cameron leave, so that I could practice on my own. When they left, I debated going in the lodge and feeling sorry for myself. For those that know me, know that I am extremely competitive when it comes to sports, almost to a fault. I hate that I wasn't able to just pick it up and start carving right away, and even more than that, I hated that I was feeling so defeated. I decided that it was way too expensive to just give up, and I went up the lift to try again. The ride up was beautiful!! The sun was shining, and we couldn't have asked for better day. The weather was perfect. My whole attitude changed and I just thought how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I am so happy that I decided to give it another try, because by the time that I caught up with my husband, I was carving and feeling confident. I can't wait until we go again!

I found these beautiful picture's, and fell in love. They actually make the freezing cold look pleasant. I love the red through the white snow.

Courtesy of Flickr, I found these beautiful pictures. Dreamy snow berries, Nature 55's photostream, Red barn in the snow, Snow needs a hug's photostream, King of hearts, Jude's photostream, and a snow heart for you, Janoid's photostream.
I found these cute Valentine ideas on Tip Junkie. I love this site, and if you haven't ever visited it, you are missing out.

If I hadn't already purchased things for my kids Valentines, this is exactly what I would have done. I want to use it for next year, so cute.