Gobble... Gobble...Gobble...

Okay, this post is a little late, but life has been a little crazy. You know how this time of year goes.

I love the month of November, and the special holiday that Thanksgiving is. Although we should be counting our blessings everyday, it is so easy to forget, and I am just so thankful for this beautiful day. 

Here is a collage of all that we are Thankful for!

We Had planned on spending Thanksgiving in St. George with a few of my sisters, but had car problems along the way. Normally, we would have been so angry that our plans fell through, or that our car broke down, or that we were in the car all day without leaving Idaho, but all we could think about is how thankful we were to be safe, and to have such wonderful family, so willing to help. We were able to spend Thanksgiving at home with family, so that also made us thankful. The whole experience definitely reminded us of how blessed we truly are .

For our November FHE, we talked about things that we are thankful for, and made these cute little Turkey treats! Here are a few of my most and least favorite things my kids were thankful for.

Gabe~ "I'm dankful for My UncO Eli, on a missionary."

Chandler~ "I'm thankful for the soldiers that fight." (I think she meant fight for our country:)

Finley is most thankful for her brother and sister. Whatever they do, she wants to do. She is also thankful for any kind of food, but especially sweets! She is, by far, our most messy child.

Gabe~ Just when you think he is going to say something sweet, he blurts out, " I'm dankful for Viowent Movies!" To what violent movies is he referring, I don't know, but it was completely disturbing.

Chandler~ "I'm Thankful if my mom and dad could let me do real gymnastics!" As opposed to fake?

This is a little video I captured. It makes me laugh so hard! It describes each of their personalities to a T! I stopped recording as soon as I saw that Chandler noticed I was watching, so it's a bit short!

We couldn't leave out our sweet Huckleberry Finley. This is a video of her eating a cinnamon bear. Notice the healthy option in her other hand? Naughty little Nu Nu, she was in Heaven! I was surprised she didn't think it was too hot.

We feel so thankful for each little personality that make up our family, and love each of them so much! We have so much to be thankful for, and feel so blessed. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


There is Nothing Like Good Friends...

A few days ago, me and two of my very best friends growing up, went out for some Chinese. It was so nice to catch up, and reminisce. We all agreed, how we live so close but do so little together, and we planned to get together at least once a month to have playdates for the kids, and crafts and FOOD for us. I can't wait! It's not often that you have, and keep friendships like ours, and I feel so lucky to have such close friends in my life! We missed you Mandy Mae, and can't wait for you to visit.. SOON!

I love you Girls!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a two day event for our family. We are so blessed to live near so many family members, so we start the day before Halloween so that the kids aren't too exhausted by the end of the day.
This year we started out in Shelley at their Grandma & Grandpa Peterson's! Grandma made special little treat bags for each grandchild. Thanks Grandma, they loved it! While we were there,the kids and one of their cousins kept ringing the door bell, then hiding. They got quite a scare when Grandma snuck around the house and jumped out at them while they were running to hide. All you could hear were screams and laughter!

Then it was off to Grandma & Grandpa Terrill's. We were lucky to catch them, because they were on a Hot date. I think the kids would have been so sad if they didn't get to trick or treat at their house, so we are happy they pulled in right before we got there. Thanks for the yummy treats!

Halloween Day we decided to take the kids to the movies in their costumes. We went to "Where The Wild Things Are". The characters in this movie are so cute, but I found the movie to be a bit depressing for children. The kids did not share my opinion on the movie, and they are dead set on Where The Wild Things Are Costumes for next Halloween! I had better start sewing!

After the movies we went to Great Grandma & Grandpa Magnusson's house. Great Grandma & Grandpa let the kids pick as much candy as they wanted, and sent us home with some fresh apples and tomatoes. They are constantly bringing us fresh produce, and goodies, and we love them for it.

NEXT, it was off to the TRUNK OR TREATS! We go to one out on St.Leon that our friends told us about, and it is seriously the best trunk or treat ever. The kids bag was chuck full of candy, not to mention pop, chocolate milk, a fresh donut, chips, and they even feed you dinner. It is by far our favorite!

Isn't this the cutest stinken picture?

The second one, is our ward Trunk or Treat! We had a really good turn out, and it was so much fun. The kids got so much candy that we had to dump it out into bags before we finished.

After Trunk or Treating, we always let the kids walk down two streets by my parents for some old school trick or treating. They love running from house to house, and race to see who gets there first.

After being completely exhausted from running, we make a pit stop at Grandma & Grandpa Coons for a sugar reload! Grandma bought the kids king sized candy bars for their treats. HOLY COW, they have way to much sugar in their systems already!

After we got re energized, we went up to their Great Grandma & Grandpa Coons house. It was so much fun to see them this year. They just moved here from Pocatello, so they were so excited to see the kids in their costumes. Don't you just love their dogs costume? Too Cute!

And last, but not least, we stop by Great Grandma & Grandpa Dutson's. They are always so happy to see the kids costumes. Every year they have their wood burning stove going, and it feels and smells so good! I love that they were watching the old Lawrence Welk show together, so sweet!

I think they got more candy this year, than the last two combined. Luckily, a local dentists office is paying per pound of candy, then sending it over to the troops! I am having them sort through their candy to take in. They are not to thrilled, but an over flowing large bowl is a bit much. Don't you think?

Happy Halloween!



We have had a little dilemma in our household. Our oldest, Chandler, has no desire to like school. She has been having the hardest time with it, and has been struggling with her reading. She is such a smart little girl, but can't find the focus she needs to improve and do well. We have been trying everything to teach her that learning and reading are fun, but she hasn't been convinced.

For FHE, we decided to use an idea from "Family Fun". (To read my thoughts on this wonderful mag, Go HERE!) We hopped on our bikes, & took them on an alphabet scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. We encouraged them to find as many letters of the alphabet as they could, out of objects in nature. It turned out to be so much fun. The kids were totally into it, and both found so many letters. It is definitely a game that we will continue to play.

Here are some of our favorite Letter Finds! Can you tell what they are?

(X, A, t, M)

(O, A, N, r)

If any one has any other ideas, advice, or helpful hints, please let me know!


Camping at Heise...

We have been trying to camp as much a s possible before the weather no longer permits us to, so a few weekends ago, we went up to Heise with Chris's Parents. We all got up there Friday night. We set up camp, (or campers) Ate dinner, and made smores! It was such a relaxing night, that is, until it was time to go to sleep. Finley had been teething, so she was screaming all night long. I was so happy to when the sun came up. Finally, it was morning!

Dad & Sandy

Me & my Hot husband

I love this picture of Gabe & Finley, too cute!

After breakfast we all went to the Cress Creek trail head, for a little hike! If you haven't been, it is the perfect hike for kids. It is paved and even wheelchair accessible if you have grandparents that would like to go. The weather was perfect, and the leaves changing colors were beautiful.

We decided to follow a little trail that went on after the paved path, and headed up to some huge rocks that we saw! I am so glad that we did, the view was breathtakingly beautiful. I couldn't take enough pictures!

Dad & Sandy on top of the world!

My kids are such little hams, they kept telling us to take their picture on just about every rock. It was funny, and slightly annoying!
After the hike, we all decided to go soak in the hot pools! It felt so nice to relax, and get clean again.

Finley,loved the hot pools.She was smiling,and laughed the whole time. She has really taken a liking to grandpa, so Chris & actually got to enjoy soaking. Thanks Papa Terrill!

This devil child got the whistle blown about every two seconds, for running, or hanging on the rope. How could you get mad at that face?

Chandler is our little water baby, and was in heaven!
After swimming, we went back to camp, ate lunch, and said goodbye to Chris's parents. They had to get back for early meetings the next day.
That afternoon Chris decided to make the kids bow and arrows, which turned into playing Indians, which turned into playing Indians & princesses. The boys painted their faces with the charcoal from the fire, and the girls made crowns out of grass, leaves, weeds, and flowers. I think this was one of the highlights from the trip for the kids. They were having so much fun, and loved that Chris and I played along. (I'll admit that the inner child in me came out!)

Chandler came up with all of the princesses names. She was Princess Wheat Grass!

This dirty little girl was Princess Flower!

I got the creative name of Princess Red Leaf!

Daddy & Gabe were a little less creative, and were just called Indian warriors!
They would capture us and put us in a fenced in Dungeon, until one of us would free the others. My favorite part about playing this,is when Gabe said, "I will trade you your freedom for the chubby baby!". I laughed so hard. He is such a comedian.

He means business!

After our fun little make believe games we were all famished. If you haven't eaten at Heise Pizza, you are missing out. It has been in the family for three generations, and is simply DIVINE! We ordered the Hawaiian 5-0, and it was sooooo good! After Pizza we went back to the hot pools and swam again. The water felt even better now that it was chilly out. After the Hot Pools, we went back for more smores, and some much needed sleep. Luckily,
Finley slept like a log!
The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast and headed down for some fishing!

Which,ultimately turned into swimming. Forgive the naked babies, we didn't pack our bathing suits to go fishing. They didn't seem to mind.

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. We don't get away near enough!
* thanks Dad & Mom Terrill for coming, and for helping with the kids, we had so much fun with you guys.

Happy Camping!


Eastern Idaho State Fair..


The FOOD, Entertainment, Animals, RIDES, watching drunk people, FOOD, Music, ART, THE PEOPLE, HYPNOTISTS, creepy Carni's, but most importantly the FOOD.

Honestly, what is there not to love? We go every year, and every year we have so much fun. Here are some of the highlights!

Finley & Food go hand in hand, so I'm guessing that was her favorite part! She also loved all of the noise and colors.

Gabe kept asking, "why do they call it a Tiger Ear, and not a Saber Tooth Tiger?" He's such a crack up! He kept telling us that he wished we could live at the fair, so that we could have this much fun everyday. So Sweet!

Chandler's Favorite part was eating, and watching a girl sing Hannah Montana songs. She was in Heaven!

My Favorite was the FOOD, of coarse! Life is a Smorgasbord, you gotta try everything!

Food, was also Chris's favorite part, and watching the kids have so much fun. Ahhh, what a sweet dad!

We chose the pig to win, and he came in dead last!

A funny story about the picture Of Annie, is that we asked if she was going to perform, or already had, and she said, "no! I just came dressed up, but I can perform for you if you'd like!" I wish I got it on camera. She broke out into "The Sun Will Come Out...Tomorrow". She had the cutest little lisp. "HOW STRANGE", but it wouldn't be the fair if it were any other way. Chandler was in love with her, so I had to take a picture.

Finley wasn't sure about the animals, but the others two had so much fun feeding them, and getting rammed for more food.

Excuse my cotton Candy teeth, but Check out my HOT DATE! Going to the fair reminds me of when we dated, I love it!

Until next year.... I will be dreaming of you, and all of your sweet goodness!