Gobble... Gobble...Gobble...

Okay, this post is a little late, but life has been a little crazy. You know how this time of year goes.

I love the month of November, and the special holiday that Thanksgiving is. Although we should be counting our blessings everyday, it is so easy to forget, and I am just so thankful for this beautiful day. 

Here is a collage of all that we are Thankful for!

We Had planned on spending Thanksgiving in St. George with a few of my sisters, but had car problems along the way. Normally, we would have been so angry that our plans fell through, or that our car broke down, or that we were in the car all day without leaving Idaho, but all we could think about is how thankful we were to be safe, and to have such wonderful family, so willing to help. We were able to spend Thanksgiving at home with family, so that also made us thankful. The whole experience definitely reminded us of how blessed we truly are .

For our November FHE, we talked about things that we are thankful for, and made these cute little Turkey treats! Here are a few of my most and least favorite things my kids were thankful for.

Gabe~ "I'm dankful for My UncO Eli, on a missionary."

Chandler~ "I'm thankful for the soldiers that fight." (I think she meant fight for our country:)

Finley is most thankful for her brother and sister. Whatever they do, she wants to do. She is also thankful for any kind of food, but especially sweets! She is, by far, our most messy child.

Gabe~ Just when you think he is going to say something sweet, he blurts out, " I'm dankful for Viowent Movies!" To what violent movies is he referring, I don't know, but it was completely disturbing.

Chandler~ "I'm Thankful if my mom and dad could let me do real gymnastics!" As opposed to fake?

This is a little video I captured. It makes me laugh so hard! It describes each of their personalities to a T! I stopped recording as soon as I saw that Chandler noticed I was watching, so it's a bit short!

We couldn't leave out our sweet Huckleberry Finley. This is a video of her eating a cinnamon bear. Notice the healthy option in her other hand? Naughty little Nu Nu, she was in Heaven! I was surprised she didn't think it was too hot.

We feel so thankful for each little personality that make up our family, and love each of them so much! We have so much to be thankful for, and feel so blessed. 

Happy Thanksgiving!