Weekend Adventures.. {Paris Idaho}
I truly believe, something about nature brings our the best in all of us. I learned to love nature from my dads love of it, and now my children have learned to love it through mine.  

"Heaven is Under our feet, as well as over our heads."

 If any one picture could depict the type of father he is, this.! 
He is the calm in our wild storm, and we love him so, so much! 
Happy Fathers Day daddy! 

To my sweet Sissykins,

 You have had my heart and soul since the first time we locked eyes. As i sit & bawl through newborn pictures until now, I wonder how time flew by so quickly!? I wish i could keep you little forever and ever, but i know i have to let you soar! You are strong, fearless, imaginative, creative, kindhearted and so incredibly beautiful. The amount of love and complete joy you have brought into our lives is immeasurable. Mutual, girls camp, make-up & middle school {GASP!} here we come! Thank you for making me a mommy, and for helping me be better & try harder! I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the blessing you are in our family.

 We celebrated for two weeks straight, because 12 is kinda a big deal. 
Pancakes + Family Day + Movie + Ice Blocking + Presents + Doughnut Cake + Friends + Cinderella + Perkins + Shopping + Utah for the week with cousins!