I was tagged a while ago and didn't think I would respond to be honest. Everyone I know has already been tagged which would leave me doomed considering you are supposed to tag six others. I hope you find my six little bits of randomness as weird and as interesting as I did yours.

1- I believe that every meal should end in a dessert! I don't think I need to elaborate on this matter!

2- When I was younger I would act like I was the actress in almost every movie I ever watched. I loved playing make believe and still find myself acting out certain characteristics that I love in people. My favorites were "The Secret Garden", "A Little princess", "Little Women", and my most favorite character to act out was True Danzinger from the movie series "Earth II". I found an old key the other day so I borrowed the movie "The Secret Garden" and watched it with my kids. After the movie was over I pretended to find the key and told them, " let's find our own secret garden in the house"! They had so much fun and I got to relive my childhood. Which brings me to another childhood addiction.

3- BARBIE !!!!!!! I know that everyone already knows about my obsession with Barbie dolls and that I played until the embarrassing age of fifteen. Unfortunately I really don't like to "PLAY" Barbie's anymore. There is something about your daughter telling you exactly what you can and cannot say and always putting your Barbie on time out that makes you a little less enthused. However, I still love to buy her every piece of furniture I can find and rearrange the Barbie house.

4- I am a pretty paranoid person in general, but for some reason I am constantly finding things in each room of the house to use as weapons. I tell myself that I will know what to do in case a predator tries to attack. My most unique weapon idea was my hair dryer, just in case he surprised me in the bathroom!

5- Although I have been guilty of using them and they serve a purpose for people who have a large family and are to lazy to wash dishes. I think that paper plates should NOT exist! Not only do they look tacky and somehow make your food taste less satisfying, they are not exactly helping our environment. Plus, they now come up with pictured plates that are supposed to put a smile on your child's face. I don't know about you but this Sponge Bob plate makes me lose my appetite!

6- I hate surprises!! I hate not knowing what I am going to get for Christmas or a birthday and I constantly guess what it will be until I see my husbands expression change. ( sorry sweetie, you are a horrible liar) I hate when people drop by unexpectedly! I hate everything about surprises. I even have a hard time keeping a surprise because I am so anxious to let the other person see what I got them.

7- TAG YOU ARE NOT IT!!!!! Due to the fact that everyone I know has already been tagged I will not be tagging anyone else, SORRY!


"Happy Halloween"

Every year we do the same thing on Halloween. First we feed the kids a good meal, then we take them to all of the family we have around here (which happens to be a lot!) and finally we take them to the Trunk or Treat. We are always so exhausted by the end of the night that the kids just want to go to sleep. After the kids are down, Chris and I go through the candy and pick out our favorites. Chris and Gabe were "Bampires" and Chandler and I were witches. By the end of the night instead of looking like a witch, Chandler looked like an orphan child. She took the feather boa off her dress, took her wig and hat off and was left with a few green smudges on her face and her black dress. My most favorite picture is of Chris in the car. Doesn't he look like you imagine Edward?


Chandler at the Gym

Chandler is learning so much in "Little Shicks" Preschool. She gets to go to gym once a month and she absolutely loves it! The coaches were surprised at how strong she was. She would pull herself up on the bars, flip upside down and hang there until a teacher would get her down. She also looked so adorable in her little gym outfit!