Huckleberry Finley....

Here are a few more pictures of our sweet little Huckleberry Finley (thanks for the cute nickname Bec!). We all think she is pretty special. I don't think she has been put down since we have had her.

The kids are so in love with every little thing she does. If she makes any little noise they are right there to tell me that she needs to be fed, or that she needs a diaper change.

She was 7 lbs 1 ounce, and on her first appointment she went down to 6 lbs 13 ounces, now she is back up to 7. She has been jaundice and has had to go in every other day to get her poor little foot pricked. I make Chris do it while I wait in the hall because I am such a baby when I hear her sad little cry. We hope and pray the results come back "A OKAY" so we don't have to go back. If she gets any worse they will put her on the billy blanket, which I hope is not the case. We went through it with Chandler, and I was an emotional wreck.

I took Finley to see her cousin Dylan and the two of them couldn't be cuter. He is doing so well. He hasn't lost any weight since he has been home, he is eating well, and he has the clearest complexion I have ever seen on a baby.


Our sweet baby Girl....

So, as many of you know we had our sweet little baby girl on the 17th. She is the most perfect and precious baby ever. We named her Finley Reese Terrill and she is as healthy as can be. She sleeps all the time and only cries when you change her diaper. We are all so wrapped up in her cuteness. I have a feeling she will hardly ever be put down . I can't even describe the feeling that I get when I hold her. I can't believe that she is finally here. She is such a sweet blessing and I can't imagine our family without her. Gabe always asks if he can pet her, and goes straight to her in the morning to make sure she is still here. He is so sweet and gentle with her and I am so glad that he has excepted her so willingly into our family. Chandler is like a little mother hen. She had outfits for an entire week picked out for Finley to wear, and makes sure everyone washes there hands before they touch her. She wants to be holding and touching her sister at all times, and makes sure no one holds her for too long. Chris and I are absolutely in love!! We always wonder how we could love another child, but it is so instant. We love our children more than anything in this world and we are so thankful for our new baby Finley.

My sister Sharla went into labor on the eighteenth, so we were able to share our happiness right across the hall from one another. She was due a week after me, but her baby was ready to come into the world. He had some breathing problems, but with a blessing and many prayers he has been breathing on his own and gets to go home tomorrow. It was so neat to share such a special experience with my sister. I have a feeling that these two are going to be such close cousins. I love you Sharla and I am so excited for you to bring baby Dylan home.


Got Baby on the Brain?

I know I have said it before, but my mom is the worlds greatest seamstress. Not only has she been sewing baby blankets, and burp cloths, she has recently been working on all three babies blessing outfits! I told her I wanted something simple but beautiful, and it is just that. It is so perfect! It is simple with delicately layered lace underneath and on the sleeves. I can't wait to make a matching accessories, like a headband and some tiny jewelery.
Thank you mom, I love it!!

I also wanted to share some fun ideas for a baby shower. Here are a few things that I did for my sister Sharla's baby shower, they were all so much fun and easy!!! My favorite was the diaper wreath and the baby onesie invites! I hope that you find some good ideas for your next shower! I am so excited to throw one for my other sister Katie!

Happy Independence Day...

We all look forward to the Fourth of July every year at my house. I am a huge believer in tradition and like to celebrate the same way every year. Our neighborhood has an annual Fire work show the night before the fourth. I am not kidding when I say it is just as good as the one at the river, and way more entertaining. It usually ends up with some fire works going off into the crowd and definitely keeps you on your toes. The morning of the fourth we usually wake up bright and early and go to the famous Lions Club breakfast at Iona square. I am sad to say this is the first year we broke this tradition since the parade was celebrated earlier, we missed out on the yummy breakfast. Then we go to the parade. We sit in the same, SUNNY, spot every year on fourth street, right in front of the chain link fence. Then we go to Family barbeque's. This year it was at Grandma and Grandpa Terrill's house, and the food was so yummy! The kids had so much fun eating and getting wet with the sprinkler under the tramp! We then go home for a much needed nap before we are off to the Firework show at the River. I am so grateful for the freedoms that we have! Although there is one set day to celebrate those freedoms, let us not forget to be thankful everyday for them. It is hard for me to put into words how grateful I truly am, but my sister Bonnie put it so perfectly on her blog and you would be missing out if you didn't read it! ( she also has new pictures on her Photography website, so check them out!!) I hope that you all had a beautiful Independence Day!!

Chandler's favorite part about the fourth was the Princess float at the parade! It was really cool it had princesses and the villians. She Loved Ursala most of all. There is a picture below! Every time the Cheerleaders would come by, Chandler would ask, " do I have to be loud if I want to be a cheerleader?" I laughed really hard and told her, " Pretty much"!

Gabe's favorite part was the Thriller float. I must admit it was one of my favorites as well. All of the monsters were doing the Micheal Jackson dance "Thriller". Gabe thought that the monsters were pretty fascinating. There is also a picture of this below.

My favorite thing on the fourth would have to be all of the floats that obviously took a lot of time and effort to make. They were all centered around our great country, and they were so beautiful.

Chris's favorite part about the Fourth, was nap time! He does not enjoy being in the heat at all, and was so excited for the parade to finally be over!



Buddha Belly...

So here you go, me in all of my pregnant glory! I have always had such easy pregnancies and was able to enjoy them for the most part. This baby has spun me for a loop. I have been miserable just about the entire pregnancy and have been so anxious for it to finally be over. Now that I am in my last month I have really been trying to enjoy it. Although I haven't been comfortable I wouldn't take this experience away for anything. I am more thankful for the experience of pregnancy and motherhood than any other blessing in my life! I love the feeling of a little baby growing inside of me, I love recognizing which body part is sticking out of where, but most of all I love that I am able to be a mommy and bring such a sweet little spirit into this world. I can't wait to see what this new little girl will look like and what her little spirit will add to my beautiful family.

I think that Chandler is the most excited for a baby sister. She has laid out each outfit over and over and asks to go through the baby stuff every day. She can't wait to help mommy with the baby. She tells us she will do anything, "But daddy gets the poopy ones". (diapers that is) I happen to agree with her completely.

When Gabe came with us to the ultrasound, these were his exact words when they told us it was a girl, "OH MAN"! It was so cute. He has since embraced the fact that he is having a new baby sister and always gives my big belly hugs and kisses. Every morning when Gabe wakes up, he comes straight into our room acting like some loud obnoxious animal, crawls into bed with us and asks, "Can I speak in the microphone"? The microphone is my belly button and he loves to yell into it things like, "Hello baby, it's me your brodder", or " I love you baby"! It is the sweetest thing.

I can't tell you how much my husband means to me, especially when I am pregnant. He is the best!! He cooks when I feel to sick ( which has basically been this entire prenancy), He does the laundry and dishes, he takes the kids when I need a break, and best of all , he thinks pregnant woman are beautiful. One of my favorite things he has ever said was, " What is more beautiful than your wife carrying your child?"
I love you honey, thank you for being the best husband and daddy!

FiSh KiSsEs...

My dad called and asked if we wanted to take the kids fishing. They haven't been this year so we gladly excepted the invitation. Gabe and Chandler were so excited and anxious to get to the lake. For those of you that know me, know that I am a bit paranoid when it comes to my kids. I have been to Black Tale many times, but never with my children. I always hear stories about rattle snakes, so I constantly had them in in the back of my mind. I kept telling Chris that we needed to walk right by the kids just in case we encountered one of natures most nasty creatures! As soon as we got there we unloaded and hiked over to one of my dads spots. On the way to the spot I heard Chandler Scream "SNAKE"!!!! I immediately dropped everything and ran to her side. I saw a baby water snake slithering away. I swear it just about put me into labor! I was very cautious after that and so was she. She didn't leave our side after that. It's a good thing Chris (my husband) didn't see the snake because that is his worst fear and I would've had two babies at my side. We were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery after that. Chandler was able to catch one fish, and had a bit of a melt down when it was wriggling toward her, so she decided that was enough fishing for her. Gabe was in heaven. He stayed by grandpa's side the entire time and grandpa taught him all of the secrets to fishing. They obviously worked because in all they caught eight fish. One Trout, six Perch, and one disgusting Sucker Fish. Gabe kept lifting up the cooler and throwing in marshmellow's to keep the fish alive. It was so cute that I didn't let him know you couldn't bring them back from the dead. I started feeling a little bad because all of the people around us had no luck, and there we were catching something practically every time we cast out. Gabe was having so much fun that he didn't want to go home. He was so cute following everything grandpa did. My dad is the best! He had so much patience with Chandlers screaming and Gabe's many questions. He is such a good fisherman, dad and grandpa. My kids are absolutely in love with him and look up to him in every way. Thanks again Grandpa, we love you, and the fish fillets were divinity! We can't wait to go again!