Here we go AGAIN.....

I swear we have reached our limit of hospital visits in the Terrill household. Can I just say that 5 1/2 hours of waiting in the E.R., for your child,s bleeding head to be checked out IS NOT OKAY!!!
I truly love being a mother. In fact, there is nothing more rewarding in this world. On some rare occasions however, there is an exception. When your child gets hurt and there is absolutely nothing you can do to take it away, that is the exception I am talking about. Why can't we just have Super Mommy powers that take away all there bumps and bruises, make there insecurities and fears vanish into thin air, and have an override button for when things get messy? Seriously, where is the easy button for motherhood? I guess that's why they say stay at home mothers have the hardest job ( I think only stay at home mothers actually say that, but it is so true!).
Okay, so on to the story. I will condense it since my recent posts have been quite lengthy. Last week Gabe had a little mishap, well not so little as you can see in the pictures. (Did I warn you about the graphic images that you are about to see?) Any who, one loud thud, some screaming ( on Gabe's behalf) , and yelling ( on mine), later, Chris found Gabe bleeding profusely at the bottom of the stairs.
This is what he said happened when we got him to calm down. " I was walking like dis,( he continued to show us exactly how) and then my feet stawted to wun weally weally fast for my body, like Dash, ( from Incredibles) and then I fell and cwacked my head. " Although I was still in shock, I managed to let out a little laugh. He is such a funny little guy. The fact that he was being funny while blood was dripping over his eye, was good news. What really happened was that he was running really fast around the corner, tripped, and caught the edge of our banister.OUCH!!!
I never think to take pictures during all of these scary parenting moments, but lucky for me my camera was sitting on the bench right where he tripped. He thinks that the pictures are so cool of coarse, and each day he asks to see them over and over.

I know it is gross, but this is only the second towel of blood. He soaked the first.

On our way to the hospital I tried to get him to tell us what happened again!

I am so glad that someone found this whole experience amusing!

The whole time we were at the hospital I thought that he was going to break something else. He was jumping and climbing all over everything, telling us that he was " Dash and Batman",( If you look closely you will see that he is wearing his Batman Halloween costume. He has worn it since the month before Halloween and continues to wear the month after! Not every day of coarse, but between washings. The poor child looks neglected!).

5 and 1/2 hours, and one staple later we are now in the comfort of our thought to be, child proof home.



Tag..Recipes..and other Random Ramblings...

I was HUSBAND tagged! I must say, I was a little disappointed when all of the questions were for both of us. I was looking forward to brag about and embarrass my hubby. I am calling this the SPOUSE tag instead!
1. What is his name? Christopher John Terrill, (AKA Babe).
2. Who eats more? I DO!!!! What can I say, I Love FOOD! On our first date, I asked for his leftovers!

3. Who said I love you first? I'm pretty sure I did, but he insists he did. Let's just say ME! Sad that we can't remember.

4. Who is taller? He is much taller
5. Who is smarter? He would say me, but he totally is! He thinks just because I enjoy reading, that automatically makes me smarter, but he is sadly mistaken!

6. Who is more sensitive? Man this is a hard one. I definitely cry more but he is super sensitive when it comes to the kids.

7.Who does the laundry? This is 100% HIM!!!! He hates when I do laundry, because I wash one load like ten times before I actually remember to switch it over, teehee. I love you babe!

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It switches all the time. I am so fidgety, so which ever side I want to sleep on that night is how it ends up.

9. Who pays the bills? We both do. We each hate doing it equally, so we take turns!

10. Who cooks more? He cooks breakfast for all of us every morning, but I do lunch and dinner!

11. What meals do you cook together? Apple Pie Baby, and if any recipe calls for chopping with a huge knife, he takes over. I tend to cut myself every time.

12. Who is more stubborn? Hands down, ME!!!!! What can I say, I love to be spoiled and I'm always right!

13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? I am, because Chris is annoyingly NEVER wrong!

14. Who has more siblings? I have 7 and he has 2+ 4 from dads side+ 2 from moms side, so he wins!.

15.Who wears the pants in the relationship? Most people think me because I am definitely more vocal, but I think we are really pretty equal on this one.

16. What do you like to do together? I am definitely not writing what he told me to, but we like to Snowboard, play basketball,(he might be the better player but I kick butt at lightening!) travel, try new things, camp, Eat Out, Shop ( If we have NO children with us!) Watch the Spurs, play tennis, go on walks, and watch movies.

17. Who eats more sweets? Chris is more of a salty fan, and I believe in dessert with every meal!

18. Guilty pleasures? He has either Chips or overly buttered popcorn at midnight every night, NEVER FAILS.... Oh and his 44 ounce Pepsi every day!

19. How did you meet? I met him at a football game, we went on one date, I dated his best friend for three years, we reunited, and I have been living in absolute BLISS ever since!

20. Who asked who out first? I asked him out, oh about the first ten times before he finally returned the favor!!!!!

21. Who kissed who first? Yet again, ME!!! What can I say, I don't give up until I get what I want! ( Oh did I mention how incredibly shy my husband is? It makes me sound a little less creepy!)

22. Who proposed? He did! Finally, he made the move!!!

23. His best features? I love his tan skin, hazel eyes, his yummy nose, and have you seen that BOD?

I am tagging, Sheila, Mandi, and Kim. I am going to be checking girls, so get to it!

I use our recipe blog at least once a week for yummy meals! I just made this Yummy Oreo cookie cake on Saturday for some of our friends in the ward. They just had the most adorable little boy,(Skyler) so we took them dinner. If you want a recipe that gives the "WOW FACTOR" and is still so easy, this is the one!

Aren't those two of the yummiest things you have ever seen?

We also watched there kids over the weekend, and we had such a blast. They are seriously the best behaved children EVER. We ordered pizza and made this gigantic fort out of over sized boxes. They each had there own room and cut windows and sunroofs so that they could watch the movie. My mom used to do this for us when we were little, and it literally occupies kids for hours. I have been crawling around in the fort with Gabe and it is just as much fun now as it was when i was younger. The downside of being an adult, is that it doesn't seem as spacious as it once did. I don't think I even saw the boys once all night! The next morning we made yummy pancakes with there initials. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did! We hope that you can come next time Kennidy.

WARNING: I know this is a really long post, but it is about to get even longer and more random so feel free to stop reading at any chosen time!
The GIRLS got there ears "PIERED", (Pierced)!!!! We tried to get Chandler to pierce her ears earlier this year with her cousin Savanah, but no such luck. She chickened out when we got there. Yesterday, she was looking at the cute earrings at Walmart and she asked if she could give it another shot? I thought for sure that she would back out again, but she toughed it out. She tried to be brave and not cry, but when I saw her batting her eyes a thousand miles per hour, I knew it hurt. I told her it was alright if she cried, and that opened the flood gates!!! When she finally calmed down we let her call grandma to tell her, and the FLOODS came right back!! We decided to do Finley's also. I was a little nervous, but they ensured me that it was smarter to do it while they are little so they don't yank on them. They were 100% right! Finley only cried for a second and was smiling and cooing right after. Chris wanted to get Chandlers done when she was a baby, but I refused. I wish now that we would have, Finley handled it way better and is right back to her adorable little self.

Thank you to those of you who stuck it out until the end. I promise to try and stay updated so that I won't have these long and random posts! Have a Fantabulous Day!!!


Our HalloWeen Fun...

We had such a busy, Halloween filled week. We have had Halloween parties, school parades, we baked Halloween treats, carved pumpkins, and went trick or treating. I feel like the kids have lived in there costumes every day for the past week.

We started celebrating the weekend before Halloween with a huge over the top Halloween party. My aunt Sharla goes out of her way with the best party ever. Every year gets better I swear. She decorates everything to the max. She had the whole place looking like a dungeon with skeletons, goblins, gools, pumpkin's, monsters and grave stones. She even had a fog machine. Each table had a spooky light and skeletons above it with individualized center pieces. The food was everything Halloween. My aunt is a fabulous cook and we are all so excited to eat her master pieces. We had graveyard veggie pizza, pretzel bones and guts, (which was homemade pretzels and dip,YUMMY...) Slimy sloppy Joe's, Spider Chocolate cake and Cupcakes and Caramel apples. I made monster toes and pumpkin cake. After we ate she had games set up for the kids. They started off by decorating orange buckets with Halloween stickers with each of there names on them. Then we played games to win prizes and candy to fill the buckets. They went fishing in the spooky pond for Halloween coloring books and crayons, went on a spooky cake walk, played Pumpkin twister , Pumpkin toss, made a monster out of a slimy concoction and had a donut eating contest. I think they were on a sugar high for the next week. They filled there buckets and had a blast. She made each adult these cute skeleton heads filled with Halloween goodies.

Thank you so much aunt Sharla, it was so much fun!

Each of the kids had Halloween parades and it was so cute seeing all of the unique costumes. Chandler asked if she could be a porcupine, or Glenda the good witch this year. I said, "uuummmm, sure if you want, but Finley is going to be a cat." She fell for it, and immediately asked if she could be a cat as well. Evil I know, but I had no time to come up with one of her choices and actually make it look good. So cats they were. I couldn't just have them in all black, so they were funky cats.

Gabe originally wanted to be a ninja turtle and I was going to ambitiously try and make him the costume. When we went to Walmart for the material and weapons, he fell in love with the Batman costume, so Batman it was. I must admit it was less stress for me. All I had to make this year were tutu's and hair bows, YES!!! I think I will get started earlier next year and make them there costume of choice.

We bought pumpkins and had a contest boys against girls. Chandler and I carved an owl with a moon and stars, ( I have a sort of fixation with owls) and the boys carved a skeleton with bats. I think that we totally won the contest, but they insist that they did. It was so cute seeing the kids concentrate so hard on cutting and poking. They thought that the "spider webs" ( the slimy insides of the pumpkin) were so cool.

On Halloween,we went trunk or treating to a few different locations, and let the kids do some old fashioned trick or treating in my moms neighborhood. They all came home with so much candy it was ridiculous. I loved dumping it all out, categorizing all of the yummy treats, and saving all of the Almond Joy for myself. They both agreed that Halloween was there favorite holiday, but they say that about whatever holiday it is at the time.

I hope you all had a fun and spooky Halloween...